And when my flutt’ring soul shall break away…

And when my flutt’ring soul shall break away, Spurn this low world, and seek the realms of day, If then some ready minister of love Thy nod commissions from the throne above, To guide my flight amidst the worlds that roll, In shining circles round the glowing pole, O! to my friend, that grateful task […]

Happy Mother’s Day ~ I Love You Mom

Today’s story is about a young man. Like any person he sometimes gets irritated. We all sometimes get angry and irritated with our parents. Definitely, it is wrong to do. but what is more important that when we make a mistake we hurry up to make it right. This young man had an argument with […]

My birthplace will ever to me be most dear…

My birthplace will ever to me be most dear— Fond memories linger of love, without fear!— Twenty miles from the city, three miles from town, Where the sky was so blue and the earth so brown!… Oh, I loved the sweet smell of the new mown hay, The sunrise and sunset of each Summer’s day, […]

I Love You In Beautiful Lovely Images

Love is a beautiful thing that combines husband and wife, parents, friends, even human and animal, between each other. Here the most beautiful pictures for phrase ‘I love you, written in 3D text in red, in the great photos for all lovers. Four great lovely pictures bearing the words’ I love you, available to everyone, […]

Red Hearts 3D Designs – Amazing JPEG Images

Do you want to send a message of love to your lover?. beautiful Red hearts? Here are several unique designs, Images ready in JPEG, One heart, two hearts, three hearts. Red hearts on a white background with beautiful shadows, exclusive and exquisite designs, not found in any other place, use it now, enjoy.   I […]