HERE, a story to say Happy Mother’s Day to your Mother

Today’s smile of hope says “no one loves you more than your mom does” this a story to say Happy Mother’s Day. No one will sacrifice for you like what your mother does. You must appreciate, feel and bear it in your mind. You should not need an accident to […]

say Happy Mother's Day to your Mother

Happy Mother's Day with flowers gift

Happy Mother’s Day 2016 ~ I Love You Mom

Today’s story is about a young man. Like any person he sometimes gets irritated. We all sometimes get angry and irritated with our parents. Definitely, it is wrong to do. but what is more important that when we make a mistake we hurry up to make it right. This young […]

International Women’s Day #OneDayIWill – Google Doodle 8 March, 2016

Today in the American search engine, Google you will see the amazing logo about the International Women’s Day with hashtag #OneDayIWill, made by the videos of the many women and girls around the world. First, with us some screenshot images for: the International Women’s Day Google Doodle 8 March 2016 […]

International Women's Day OneDayIWill - Google Doodle 8 March 2016

8 March Happy Women’s Day - Social Networks

Happy 8 March Women’s Day – Wishes, Images & Social Sites Status

Happy 8 March Women’s Day to everyone this week. Let’s not forget the women in many countries who don’t have access to the freedoms that we do to lead a life of self-reliance and dignity. Here, more Wishes, Images & Social Sites Status, put the pictures and wish all in […]

She the Best Mother And Woman, Girl!

The story is told by the girl when she grew older. However, she said, “When I was young, my mother brought me up without bringing my attention to the fact that we are poor, and that we lived in poverty.” She said, 1 didn’t know we were poor until 3rd […]

She the Best Mother And Woman, Girl

NewBorn Baby with the Father

I am here Father! True story in Armenia

The phrase (I am here Father) This story is a true story. It happened in 1989 in a country named Armenia. A strong earthquake occurred in 1989 in Armenia, and it was the highest magnitude earthquake in the 20th century. The result of it was that tens of thousands of […]

Mother’s Day story about the Fake Love

On our Mother’s Day story, we lost the love and tender of our mothers in all of our lives, All of us are striving for money, but we forget the love and kindness. Tragic Mother’s Day story Let me tell you the story. She was a widow, and she had […]

Forgive me My Mother - Mother's Day

Women's Day Wishes Image Greetings

Women’s Day Wishes Images & Greetings 1

This International Women’s Day, celebrating the success and promoting the empowerment of women everywhere. Here, some Women’s Day wishes ideas in images and greetings-words. International Women’s Day Wishes and Greetings Happy International Women’s Day! Remember to keep smiling because life is far to short to have frown wrinkles! Happy International […]

Happy International Women’s Day 2016 – Images & Status March 8th!

We should say Happy International Women’s Day 2016 to all lovely ladies around the world. Here, with us some images and nice status, Follow us. March 8th Women’s Day 2016 Images Women’s Day 2016 Status – March 8th Most greatest Status on Facebook about the International Women’s Day 2016 – […]

Happy International Women's Day 2016 March 8

Woman's Day Story About Divorced Ladies

A Woman’s Day Story About the Divorced Ladies from England

A Smile of Hope today is about Nadia. Nadia is a divorced lady. A Woman’s Day Story today’s, It’s our issue in the Woman’s Day. And I want to ask, how many divorced ladies are there in Egypt? They say, about 9 million, God knows best. How many divorced ladies […]

Women’s Day essay. The Jordanian Perfect Girl

The Women’s Day essay today is about Jana. Jana is a 14 years old Jordanian girl. She is very beautiful. She has had a great position with her father and mother that I could not forget. Amr Khaled’s advice before the Women’s Day essay Before telling the story of Jana, […]

Women's Day essay

The Father And His Daughter, Lambs

About Girls in the Women’s Day – Please, Take Care!

A Smile of Hope today is about girls in the Women’s Day, our little girls. Those girls really need love and caring. In the famous saying, they say “he who never had a daughter, never had kids.” I have two sons, but people keep telling me “he who never had […]

10 Most Beautiful Little Kids and Babies 2

Hurrah! It’s the kids. How beautiful young infants and little kids. Ten of the most beautiful images of our young children in their beds, with their parents. And other movements and situations. You are there, we haven’t finished yet. There are lots of pictures Wallpapers for the little kids and […]

A Young Child Asleep On The Bed

Mercy, Ladies, Women's Day Speech, Women's Day, IWD

Women’s Day Speech: Please, Have Mercy with the Ladies

It is a women’s advocate story, can be called (Women’s Day Speech) This story is a symbolic story, or it may actually be real. I’m not really sure. Suitable image for The Women’s Day Speech – Happy IWD The Women’s Day Speech in our story The story is that a […]

Are You Positive? The Egyptian Youth: We Build Lives

A Smile of Hope today is about a group of youth who formed a team. It’s a team completely filled with positivity. A Smile of Hope today asks, are you positive? Are you the one who takes the first step? Are you actively doing good for others? Are you on […]

We Build Lives

Japanese Mother , Baby, Shoes,

[True Story] Japanese Mother And Her Baby

A Smile of Hope today is a story from Japan, about the Japanese Mother, and how much mothers can sacrifice all their lives for their children. The last earthquake in Japan, was where this story occurred, and it was filmed. The story is that when the earthquake occurred, the rescuers […]

Friendship Day – Symbolic Story and Photos

Our story today faithfulness between friends, the best time for this story is the Friendship Day, but a symbolic story, It is not real. I think that this story fit in Friendship Day and in the other day, it’s really a wonderful story shows the true friendship between the friends of […]

A Little Girls on the Friendship Day

He that would make his own liberty secure

Beautiful Fourth of July quotes (Photos and Video)

Today will share with the American people the day of independence, It is the best day for each US citizen, the Fourth of July. With us now a set of favorite quotes about Fourth of July in beautiful designs for you in pictures and video uploaded on youtube vids -. […]

A Smile of Hope with Louis Braille 1

(A Smile of Hope with The French educator, Louis Braille) today says there are people who transform their pain and problems in life to hatred, anger, and depression unfortunately, by which they depress people with it. However, there are other people who transform their pain and problems in life to […]

Louis Braille

Bread Thief

Bread Thief – From South Africa

A Smile of Hope today is a story from South Africa. Years ago there was racial discrimination between whites and blacks a long time ago. The story today is about an old black man, who did something which caused him to end up in court. He stole 5 loafs of […]

Are you ready for Ramadan? Ramadhan Mubarak

You know, Ramadan is coming. I will ask you a question: Are you ready for Ramadhan? , What are you going to do? , What is your plan? , Are you getting ready now? I know that you will say that we still have time. Ramadan will come after a […]

Free Design Image for Ramadan

Dr Ibrahim el Feki

Dr Ibrahim el Feki – Start a new one

Some people in this world keep chasing only one dream throughout their lives; and once they accomplish it, they feel like they’re done and that their lives are done and complete. It’s as if they are trains moving fast on rails till they reach a destination and stop. Meanwhile, they […]

Happy Father’s Day, Thank You, Dad (Parents)

In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful. A smile of Hope today is actually not a story, it’s about Father’s Day. And this one is about a 15 year – old girl who her dad passed away. She sent us saying, I want to send a smile of […]

Cute Girl wَith her father

Engineer 3D Design Image

Engineer. Osman Ahmed Osman – The Arab Contractors

A Smile of Hope today talks about honesty relating to public assets. It’s about the great and famous engineers, amongst Egypt’s best of the best, Engineer Osman Ahmed Osman. He is the founder of The Arab Contractors. The company built a lot, and it’s one of the best companies whose […]